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Standards-Based Curriculum Development for Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation Service Career Clusters

CORD was selected by the Tennessee State Department of Education (SDE) to develop curriculum frameworks for grades 9–12 for the SDE-defined manufacturing, construction, and transportation service career clusters. CORD worked with SDE and selected industries to determine the educational outcomes needed for entry into and career success within the manufacturing, construction, and transportation industries. The resulting frameworks are based on state academic standards, national skill standards, employability standards, local industry needs, and high school graduation requirements and satisfy requirements for college entrance. For all technical courses, CORD developed course descriptions, prerequisites, recommended grade levels, course standards, learning expectations, performance standards, sample performance tasks, and references.

Professional development for career and technical education teachers in the three clusters, as well as the Arts & Communications cluster, is being provided to assist in implementation of the new curriculum.  A Teacher Resource Book for each of the courses has also been developed. 

Seven hundred seventy five teachers have been trained in 53 career and technical courses.


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