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CORD established its leadership and expertise in Career Pathways through publications and extensive professional development services for the field.

A long-time proponent of Tech Prep, CORD asserted at its 2004 National Tech Prep Network (NTPN) annual conference that Career Pathways was the next logical step, following Tech Prep, in raising standards and providing greater education opportunities for students.

In 2005, CORD published Career Pathways: Education with a Purpose in conjunction with policymakers, researchers, and state and institutional leaders.  This Career Pathways "guidebook," outlines a framework for recreating high schools that is rigorous, relevant, and designed to help every student succeed.

To further its commitment to Career Pathways and serve a wider spectrum of education professionals, CORD's National Tech Prep Network (NTPN) expanded in 2007 to become the National Career Pathways Network (NCPN).

In 2007, CORD published Adult Career Pathways: Providing a Second Chance in Public Education, a “call to action” on behalf of the millions of adult Americans who are searching for a second chance. In 2011, an updated and expanded 2nd edition was published. The book provides compelling research, insightful analysis, and detailed solutions to the complex and critical issues related to supporting the education and training needs of low-skilled adults.

In 2012, CORD partnered with the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium to publish The Career Pathways Effect: Linking Education and Economic Prosperity.

CORD offers a wide range of technical assistance for secondary and postsecondary Career Pathways programs. Please see our Career Pathways Technical Assistance and Career Pathways Development Projects pages for descriptions of example services and activities.



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