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Career Pathways Technical Assistance

Support for Community and Technical Colleges

Since 1979, CORD has been helping its clients prepare individuals for greater success in technical careers and higher education. Learn about how we support community and technical colleges through career pathways planning and design, curriculum development, and professional development for faculty and staff.

Program Assistance 

CORD and the National Career Pathways Network offer customized professional development tailored for local program improvement. A wide range of workshop topics is available to help practitioners of Career Pathways and other workforce development initiatives lead their programs to new heights.

Career Pathways Leadership Certification Workshops   

NCPN offers a certification workshop for current and future leaders designed to provide tools and resources for Career Pathways implementation. To date, more than 4,000 individuals in 21 states have received the Career Pathways Leader certification. Although national in scope, workshop modules can be customized to meet specific state and local needs. Learn more about our 2016 Summer Institutes.

Introduction to Adult Career Pathways Workshop    

This one-day workshop helps community college administrators, faculty, and staff discover solutions to problems that prevent lower-skilled adults in our communities from obtaining the education that today's workplace demands. This workshop challenges the community college campus to work together in providing the leadership for an adult career pathways system. Participants will explore practical models and strategies, leaving the workshop with a draft plan to tackle this urgent need.

Adult Career Pathways Support Services  

In 2007, CORD published the book Adult Career Pathways: Providing a Second Chance in Public Education. In 2011, an updated and expanded 2nd edition was released. The Adult Career Pathways (ACP) model is an extension of Career Pathways that focuses on adult learners whose educational backgrounds are varied, whose need for support services is considerable, and whose lack of academic preparation for college-level work is often extensive. The ACP model offers a strategy for overcoming workforce barriers by bringing together employers from targeted industry sectors, community services, government agencies, and community colleges to identify, enroll, educate, and prepare these adults for high-demand career opportunities. 

CORD offers consultative services that enable community colleges and their industry and community partners to: 

  • Identify current and future workforce needs by industry sector.
  • Develop a plan for career pathways implementation that will enhance the region’s economic and workforce development for targeted sectors.
  • Establish programs specifically designed for lower-skilled adults that yield industry credentials and can be replicated in multiple sectors.
  • Develop technical training solutions to enhance the performance of incumbent workers.

For more information about CORD's Career Pathways technical assistance services, read about some of our recent projects or email hcotner@cord.org.



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