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Contextual Science Materials 

ABC Technologies This student-oriented, hands-on curriculum teaches science skills that students use to solve real world problems. The series of five curriculum modules stress critical thinking and problem solving skills, science and math skills, and personal skills used in business. The modules may be used as a complete one-year course, or integrated into existing courses for additional contextual learning opportunities. Modules include:

  • Cells & Science Instruments
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Forensic Science
  • Medical Science

ABC Technologies is published by CORD Communications, www.cordcommunications.com, 800-231-3015.

Applications in Biology/Chemistry (ABC), Second Edition is an instructional system of twelve units that emphasizes the importance of teaching science in the context of major life issues. By teaching these concepts through issues surrounding work, home, society, and environment, ABC engages students in laboratory-centered, hands-on activities that make science concepts relevant. ABC contains related science concepts in geology, earth science, and physical science. Unit topics range from Disease and Wellness, Nutrition, Microorganisms, Natural Resources and various others.

ABC, second edition, is published by CORD Communications, www.cordcommunications.com, 800-231-3015.

Principles of Technology is a two-year applied-physics curriculum designed for tenth- and eleventh-grade students who learn more efficiently with a hands-on approach. Designed to present the discipline of physics in the context of how it is practically experienced in the world and how it is used in technology,  PT features:

  • an integrated set of instructional materials that combines video instruction, work from printed materials, and hands-on experience;
  • emphasis on the application of physics principles in mechanical, fluid, electrical, and thermal energy systems and the analogies between these systems; and
  • extensive laboratory experience, with half the course concentrating on realistic problem-solving mathematics laboratories and hands-on hardware laboratories.

Principles of Technology is published by CORD Communications, www.cordcommunications.com, 800-231-3015.

Physics in Context is a one-year program integrating the four energy systems of mechanical, fluid, electrical, and thermal. The course is delivered in a hardcover text along with a lab manual, student journal, and instructor’s guide. Physics in Context:

  • Meets physics concepts required by many states.
  • Contains a computerized lab assessment component.
  • Integrates physics with technology, including computer interfacing and electronic data-collection tools.
  • Marries physics concepts with contextual teaching.
  • Has over 50 enhanced, hands-on labs.

Physics in Context is published by CORD Communications, www.cordcommunications.com, 800-231-3015.

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