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Program Format, Objectives, 
and Methodology 

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CORD's professional development programs are customized for educational institutions and tailored to fit the needs of faculty. In addition to hybrid programs that combine face-to-face instruction with online activities, CORD offers:

  • Site-Based Workshops:  Face-to-face workshops delivered on-site at your location and tailored to the needs of your district or consortium
  • Online Courses:  Six-week seminars for community college faculty

Program Objectives 

During CORD professional development programs, participants learn:

  • Innovative teaching strategies that blend academic concepts with workplace applications.

  • Why teaching abstract concepts through concrete experiences enhances your students’ ability to learn and retain.

  • How to motivate students through group learning experiences.

  • Classroom management techniques that keep actively involved students on task.

  • How to effectively assess and “grade” contextual learning achievement

Contextual Teaching Methodology  Read more... 

CORD's professional development programs are designed to enable participants to implement contextual teaching, a proven methodology that reaches a broad cross section of learning styles. CORD advocates the five elements of the "REACT" strategy for contextual teaching across the curriculum:

  • Relating—Learning in the context of life experiences
  • Experiencing—Learning through exploration, discovery, and invention
  • Applying—Presenting concepts within the context of their use
  • Cooperating—Learning through the context of sharing, responding,
    and interpersonal communication
  • Transferring—Using knowledge in a new context or situation


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