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CORD has over thirty years experience creating standards-based curriculum in mathematics, science, and a wide range of career-technical fields. Whether your needs include curriculum frameworks, Common Core State Standards-aligned courses, detailed lesson plans, or complete instructional materials, CORD can develop content customized for the needs of your learners and deliver as print materials or online course content. Our clients include high schools, state departments of education, community colleges and college systems, industry trade associations, and workforce training providers.

CORD’s national reputation in curriculum design is built on our integrated curriculum development process that ensures course content reflects academic, industry, and employability standards. Our overarching goal is to ensure your curriculum meets state, regional, and local needs. To help achieve this, our experienced team:

  • pre-assesses the needs of educators and employers

  • gathers input from employers on essential skills and knowledge

  • assesses current curriculum and instructional materials

  • ensures new curriculum is aligned to all applicable standards and supports seamless transitions

CORD’s curriculum development philosophy is based on our research in contextual teaching and learning that emphasizes the relationship of course content to real-life situations. CORD curriculum incorporates:

  • evidence-based teaching strategies

  • problem-solving opportunities

  • hands-on activities

  • authentic assessment

  • work-based learning experiences

  • critical thinking

  • project-based learning

To learn more about how CORD can meet your curriculum design needs, contact Hope Cotner, Vice President, CORD, at hcotner@cord.org 



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