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CORD is an acknowledged expert and trusted partner for educational systems across the globe and has assisted practitioners in countries such as Brazil, Dominican Republic, Chile, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines, and Turkey. Global realities such as free-trade agreements, a knowledge-driven economy, and workforce competitiveness issues have created the conditions for new paradigms in education and training all over the world. The CORD staff provides governmental and educational leaders with the tools to assess current educational conditions and identify gaps between educational supply and demand that may be hindering economic development. CORD’s curriculum resources and contextual teaching approach offer tools and techniques for preparing a broad majority of students for success in college and careers.

Curriculum Development 

  • Innovative
  • Customizable
  • Standards-based
  • Real-world-oriented
  • Flexible curricular integration

Professional Learning Processes 

  • Based on CORD's REACT methodologies supported by contextual instructional materials in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Customized face-to-face and online teacher preparation
  • Contextual/active learning approach to the process of professional learning

Support Activities 

  • Ongoing support provided to countries throughout the process of needs assessment, recommended solutions, decision-making, and implementation

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