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For decades, CORD has led education reform efforts by engaging educators, employers, and policymakers in professional networking opportunities. Our ability to work with these groups to help them attain mutually beneficial goals has prompted our establishment and support of both state and national level practitioner networks. Among those most notable are CORD’s establishment of two national networks for educational improvement and innovation: The National Career Pathways Network (formerly the National Tech Prep Network) and the National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers, a network of colleges whose collective goal is to enhance economic and workforce development programs and services through technology applications. In 2006, CORD established the National Center for Optics and Photonics Education (OP-TEC) to help meet the increasing demand for photonics technicians and strengthen the global competitiveness of America's workforce. In creating clearinghouses of best practices, convening practitioner groups (through conferences and seminars), and building partnerships between educational and business entities, CORD’s expertise in aggregating resources and building advocacy for important issues continues to expand.

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