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CORD develops and delivers facilitator-led professional development courses for faculty in an engaging online environment. Topics range from active learning to retention strategies to technology applications. Participants of the six-week courses have highly praised this unique opportunity to share experiences and best practices with a cohort group. 

The rationale behind CORD’s online professional development series is that educational ideas cannot simply be presented; they need to be thought about, talked over, and experienced. CORD’s web-based courses weave together readings, activities, and discussions for participants to construct new understandings in the context of their own situations. Each week, threaded discussions play an essential role in encouraging participants to reflect on readings, share stories from their lives (and their classrooms), pose questions to the group, and express their reactions.

Convenient – Eliminates travel and allows faculty to participate from anywhere, anytime.

Collaborative – Participants learn from facilitators and one another as they build an online learning community.

Practical – Equips faculty for the complexities of today’s classrooms and treats learning as a process.

Online courses currently available include:

  • Building Learning Communities: A User’s Guide
  • From Good Teaching to Student Learning
  • Technology Bootcamp: Incorporating the Latest Tools for Effective Instruction
  • Technology Bootcamp II: More Tools for Reaching Students
  • Incorporating Active Learning Strategies in the College Classroom
  • Prospecting for Gold: Recruitment and Retention in Technical Programs
  • Service Learning in the Community College
  • Embracing Diversity in the Classroom
  • Helping Students Succeed: Broad Strategies in Student Retention
  • Fostering Gender Equity in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Classroom

Getting Started

CORD offers online courses under contract with community colleges or college systems for cohorts of up to 30 instructors. To get started, select course titles of interest from the list above and contact us to discuss delivery dates that best fit your needs. Keep in mind that the courses are asynchronous. This means participants have activities, readings, and discussions to complete each week, but are given the flexibility to complete assignments at any time during the week that is convenient for them. To learn more about scheduling options and pricing, as well as custom course development, contact Hope Cotner at hcotner@cord.org.

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