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Past Curriculum Development Projects 

CORD has successfully completed hundreds of quality curriculum development projects in its 30-year history.  Below are just a few examples of past curriculum development projects.

Computer Assisted Performance Assessment (CAPA) 

CAPA was a three-year initiative designed to demonstrate the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of computer-assisted performance assessment for evaluating students' knowledge and abilities in advanced technological education. This National Science Foundation - Advanced Technological Education project produced a series of performance assessments to measure students' understanding of key topics in introductory electronics.  Read more... 

The Hawaii Construction Academy

As part of a multiyear project funded by the Employment and Training Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor, CORD partnered with Honolulu Community College (HCC) to develop curriculum for high school construction academies. This program enables high school students to transition to construction programs at HCC and enter the workforce with a wide variety of skills. CORD produced a curriculum planning guide with lesson plans, contextual teaching tools, resources, and assessment instruments for five dual-credit courses. The model has been expanded to more than 30 high schools in the state of Hawaii.

Academy of Information Technology Curriculum

Supported by funding from ten major corporations, CORD worked with the National Academy Foundation to develop curriculum materials for its Academy of Information Technology (AOIT). The course materials created for grades 9–12 are tightly aligned with relevant academic, employment, and information technology (IT) workplace standards. Materials consist of IT-specific courses as well as lessons for infusion into academic subjects that use IT as the workplace context.

Tennessee Career Cluster Curriculum Frameworks

CORD worked with the Tennessee State Department of Education to develop curriculum frameworks for grades 9–12 for the manufacturing, construction, and transportation service career clusters. In collaboration with statewide industries, CORD developed frameworks that are based on state academic standards, national skill standards, employability standards, and local industry needs, as well as high school graduation and college entrance requirements. CORD developed extensive course materials and professional development activities to assist teachers in the implementation of the new curriculum.


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