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Strategic Improvement Coalition

The Career Pathways Strategic Improvement Coalition (CPSIC) is an initiative designed to involve teachers, counselors, and administrators in the promotion and improvement of Career Pathways, Tech Prep’s next logical step in raising standards and providing greater opportunities for all students. CPSIC was created to help educators begin the strategic improvement process. Services are available to aid districts, consortia, and secondary and postsecondary institutions in strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation.

CPSIC is founded on the belief that Career Pathways offer great promise in helping students prepare for their future careers while still in high school, and in helping recent high school graduates transition to college with postsecondary credits already in hand. CPSIC is dedicated to making the benefits of Career Pathways available to students across the country by helping secondary-postsecondary Career Pathways partnerships develop and implement strategies for improvement, and by serving as the change agent needed to convert traditional CTE programs to Career Pathways.