Report on Exemplary Tech Prep Sites

"Exemplary Tech Prep Programs Combining College Connections and Work-based Learning Opportunities"
A Report by CORD for the National School-to-Work Office and Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Inc.

Recently, the National School-to-Work Office provided funding for CORD, working with Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Inc., to identify Tech Prep sites that include both the articulation between secondary and postsecondary education central to Tech Prep and the work-based learning experiences for students that are a key element of School-to-Work. Focusing on these particular elements also addresses the importance students and parents place on opportunities to succeed in college and to obtain good jobs after graduation. The following report highlights eleven effective sites where schools, colleges, and employers have worked together to offer promising paths leading to those goals. The report describes strong Tech Prep programs that met specific criteria, were located in different geographical areas across the United States, and provided readers with a variety of Tech Prep models that met the designated Tech Prep and School-to-Work goals. The sites were identified through interviews and information provided by Tech Prep program sites. They provide insights about how educators and employers worked together to carry out a variety of models for improving education. Each site offers one or more unique features that will provide readers with valuable information from which they can consider “next steps” toward educational improvement in their own communities.

Download the 122-page report "Exemplary Tech Prep Programs" using Adobe Acrobat Reader.