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Career Pathways Technical Assistance

CORD and its National Career Pathways Network provide leadership and support for Career Pathways through publications, conferences, and technical assistance for states, regions, and communities.

CORD provides both comprehensive and targeted services that support system-building efforts to create sustainable partnerships that foster career pathways development. Available services include but are not limited to:

  • Career Pathways Design – assessment of existing infrastructure to establish career pathways within a region; stakeholder consensus building on desired outcomes for career pathways programs.
  • Industry Forums – sector-based facilitated dialog sessions with CEOs and senior executives to identify industry and workforce challenges, occupational shortages, credential requirements, and skill gaps; development of industry sector assessment reports to define and prioritize a Career Pathways framework for meeting future labor force needs.
  • Customized Curriculum Design – curriculum frameworks, detailed lesson plans, or complete instructional materials customized for your program and delivered for traditional or online publishing; integrated curriculum development process used to ensure content reflects academic, industry, and employability competencies and meets employer needs.
  • Career Ladders/Pathways Map Development – creation of visual resources to illustrate stackable credentials within a pathway and how educational programs and credential attainment align with employment opportunities; used as tools to inform and educate youth and adults exploring Career Pathways program options.
  • Professional Development – workshops for career pathways leaders and practitioners; facilitator-led online courses for industry professionals entering the teaching field; faculty workshops to support contextualized instruction.

Our overarching goal when working with local partners is to assess needs, identify gaps and opportunities, and design a realistic plan to implement and scale career pathways programs within a region. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist your community.