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Career Pathways

CORD and the National Career Pathways Network have developed books, resource publications, and newsletters to foster leadership in career pathways and disseminate promising practices to practitioners serving a diverse population of learners.

The Career Pathways Effect: Linking Education and Economic Prosperity

Designed as a how-to guidebook for administrators, faculty, counselors, and business partners, The Career Pathways Effect brings together the observations of 27 national experts on Career Technical Education (CTE), Career Pathways, and Programs of Study. This publication represents a collaborative effort between the Center for Occupational Research and Development (CORD) and Advance CTE, formerly the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium, to offer evidence-based support for the concepts and principles associated with Career Clusters, Career Pathways, and Programs of Study and a template for more uniform implementation across the nation. The Career Pathways Effect is organized around Advance CTE's vision for career technical education; five guiding principles to help ensure students of all ages are prepared to succeed in education and careers that will enable the U.S. to flourish in an increasingly competitive global economy. Learn from experienced leaders as they offer guidance to states, districts, colleges, and business leaders on systemic improvement and innovation in the development of Career Pathways. Order online.

Adult Career Pathways: Providing a Second Chance in Public Education, 2nd Edition (2011)

This book is meant to challenge educators, community leaders, employers, and policymakers to work together in their communities to remove barriers and find solutions to creating their own qualified workforce. Since the release of the first edition in 2007, the concept of adult career pathways has gained traction across the country and has naturally evolved as programs have matured. This edition offers a wider scope of resources and issues, offering best practices in Adult Career Pathways and related adult education topics. This book is about recognizing the complex needs of adult students and the institutions who serve them, and building the programs and systems that will effectively prepare adult learners for college and career success. Order online.

Thriving in Challenging Times: Connecting Education to Economic Development Through Career Pathways

Thriving in Challenging Times profiles 17 local and regional career pathways programs from across the U.S. by documenting the challenges, strategies, results, and business engagement each partnership has experienced. Produced by CORD's National Career Pathways Network and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, this publication highlights programs from diverse industry sectors and includes a checklist for career pathways planning in your community. Download now.

Engaging Employers to Support Adult Career Pathways

Employer engagement in Adult Career Pathways (ACP) programs can strengthen the efforts of adult educators to help learners attain secondary credentials, transition to postsecondary programs, achieve industry credentials, and secure family-sustaining employment. Whether employer contributions result in the development of workplace relevant curriculum, career awareness activities, work-based learning opportunities, or in-kind support for equipment and other resources, employer engagement is essential for ACP programs. Employers can help ensure programs are responsive to the needs of local industry, while providing adult learners the relevant workplace context and foundational skills they must master to succeed along a career pathway. Interfacing with adult learners in the classroom on a daily basis, teachers are well-positioned to work with employers toward the goal of translating workplace skills into learning objectives that can be taught within a career pathways context. This brief offers practical strategies on engaging employers and building business-education partnerships to support ACP programs, and highlights promising examples from adult education providers in three states. Download now.

Current Issue of Connections

The National Career Pathways Network publishes its Connections newsletter bi-monthly so NCPN members and other career pathways stakeholders can stay abreast of career pathways news and learn about promising practices from around the country. Read the current issue.