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Teacher/Leader Support

CORD assists clients of all sizes in designing, implementing, and sustaining professional development programs. From targeted support for small groups of faculty to workshops for career pathways administrators to holistic professional development networks that support educators across a state, our professional development solutions are tailored to meet your needs.

North Carolina Network for Excellence in Teaching (NC‑NET)

students The North Carolina Network for Excellence in Teaching (NC-NET), a project of the North Carolina Community College System and managed by CORD, is dedicated to providing effective, easily accessible, and cost-efficient professional development resources for community college faculty across North Carolina. A virtual infrastructure enables colleges to share best practices and avoid duplication, thus improving efficiency and effectiveness. NC-NET is home to toolkits, facilitator-led online professional development courses, self-paced modules, and a host of other resources. Learn more.

Math-Science Partnership Initiatives

CORD supports school districts and regional consortia as a professional development partner and instructional advisor on projects that foster the enhancement of math and science teaching across grade levels. One such example was the Western Wisconsin STEM Consortia’s Mathematics-Science Partnership (MSP) grant funded by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The Consortia’s project concept was based on CORD’s STEM Transitions framework for integrated curriculum development. Faculty members in grade-band teams partnered to create contextual, project-based curriculum materials that can be used by teachers across disciplines. CORD provided professional development, curriculum design support, and technical assistance to more than sixty faculty members spanning grade levels from Pre-K through high school CTE.

Career Pathways Leadership Certification

CORD’s National Career Pathways Network has led professional development efforts to support career pathways practitioners for more than a decade, building on its leadership of Tech Prep initiatives that began in 1991. To empower current and future leaders of career pathways, NCPN offers a two-day certification workshop to immerse participants in career pathways system-building and program planning issues. The workshop prepares local and state personnel to lead career pathways initiatives in concert with local and regional partners. Learn more about our next Career Pathways Leadership Institute or contact us about designing a customized workshop for your state.


CORD offers a broad range of professional development workshops for educators and other career pathways stakeholders. Workshops can be delivered in single-day, multiple-day, or hybrid formats combining face-to-face and online instruction. Any of our workshops can be customized for state or local needs, or we can create a new workshop to meet specific professional development goals. Learn more about our current workshop offerings.