Career Pathways Technical Assistance

We use the term “Career Pathway” to refer to career-focused programs combining rigorous, high-quality education and training with counseling and other support services. Career Pathways align with industry standards and enable learners to acquire credentials that qualify them for careers in specific occupations and clusters. Career Pathways help learners move through the education-to-careers pipeline faster and ultimately give employers more ready access to qualified employees.

CORD has led dozens of initiatives involving the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of Career Pathways programs. Federally funded projects such as Designing Instruction for Career Pathways, Moving Pathways Forward, Mapping Upward, and Pathways to Credentials are just a few examples of our technical assistance efforts to support state agencies, community colleges, and community stakeholders. 


Career Pathways Design

  • Assess existing infrastructure to establish Career Pathways within a region
  • Build stakeholder consensus on desired outcomes for Career Pathways programs

Industry Forums

  • Facilitate sector-based dialog sessions to identify industry and workforce challenges, credential requirements, and skill gaps
  • Lead development of action plans to meet future labor force needs

Strategic Employer Engagement

  • Coaching services to assist colleges in implementing the Business and Industry Leadership Team (BILT) model, a proven method for developing employer partnerships that ensure program curriculum meets the needs of business and students are workforce ready

Customized Curriculum Design

  • Design frameworks and instructional materials that incorporate academic, industry, and employability competencies and meet employer needs
  • Develop Career Pathways maps depicting stackable credentials, industry certifications, employment opportunities, and other incremental milestones on the path to a degree

Career Pathways Leadership Certification Workshops

  • Provide training to equip program coordinators, counselors, and business leaders with the tools and resources necessary to implement and sustain Career Pathways

Faculty Development on Contextualized Instruction

  • Workshops and courses to deepen faculty understanding of Career Pathways to contextualize lessons that engage adult learners

Put Us to Work

We can help you assess needs, identify gaps and opportunities, and design a realistic plan for the implementation and/or scaling of Career Pathways. Contact us to learn more about how we can serve your community.